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Parks Booklet
Bird Sanctuary 
(0.75 acres, 211 West Riverside Drive)
Bird watchers will enjoy this quiet, secluded spot tucked behind a few houses on West Riverside Drive. Trees and shrubs provide shelter for a variety of our feathered friends, and a bench on North River’s bank offers a splendid view of North River.

Bridgeview Park
(2.58 acres, 220 W. Bank Street)
Located between 214 and 300 West Bank Street and bordering North River, the special feature of this park is the quarter mile fitness walking trail. At various points along the way are 18 exercise stations. In addition there are a children’s fitness center, riverfront bench swings, and benches. 
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Cooks Creek Arboretum

Cooks Creek Arboretum
(8 acres, 211 Weeping Willow Lane)
Cooks Creek Arboretum is a small eight-acre park. As the trees mature, this will become a natural preserve where people can observe birds and other small wildlife in their natural environment. Turner Ashby High School students planted many trees throughout this park. It has ample parking and contains several picnic tables as well.  The walking path is three-eighths of a mile long.

Dinkel Harris Gateway at Warm Springs Turnpike Park
New Flag Poles at Dinkel-Harris Gateway at Warm Springs Turnpike Park (3)
(0.13 acres, 710 N. Main Street)
This pocket park, located on the corner of Oakwood Drive and Main Street, details the historical significance of what was once known as the Warm Springs Turnpike (present-day route 42). The park consists of a statue of a horse and buggy and three pedestal-style signs, each containing historical information.

Edgebriar Park
(0.24 acres, 101 East Riverside Drive)
Edgebriar Park is a pocket park located next to North River on East Riverside Drive. In 2007 this park received a major makeover, including the addition of a handicap-accessible fishing pier overlooking the river and backgammon or chess inlaid game tables sitting near the river’s edge. Strategically placed benches face either the river or the double-water garden pond with a waterfall. The combination of these facilities creates an atmosphere suitable for reflection and relaxation.

Harrison Park
(15 acres, 301 Grove Street)
On the corner of Grove and Green Street, you will find Harrison Park. It is home to the Doug Will Tennis Center, which houses two indoor hard-surface tennis courts. This facility is available to Town of Bridgewater residents for free with a B-Rec card. All other individuals must pay a fee either annually, monthly, or hourly. The park grounds include a full basketball court and a playground area containing a swing set and play structure with a slide and climbing equipment. During the third week in July, Harrison Park is home to the Bridgewater Fire Department’s Lawn Party.

Oakdale Park   
(36.5 acres, 134 Mt. Crawford Avenue)
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This is the biggest and busiest of the town parks. It is home to the North River Library as well as the Bridgewater Little League Program. In addition, it has 3 sheltered picnic areas (to reserve, call 908-4212) and a playground (featuring a REV8 and large swing set). Its amenities include six baseball fields (with field #6 available for public use), a basketball court, a four-square court, restroom facilities, and plenty of off-street parking. This park is also the home for the Labor Day festivities.

Sandy Bottom Park
(18.15 Acres, 610 East College St.)
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Sandy Bottom Park is home to Bridgewater’s Par-3 nine-hole golf course, an 18-hole miniature golf course, and our newest park shelter! The park facilities also include a practice green, restrooms, several picnic tables, two gazebos, a four-square court, an outdoor grill, and ample parking.  The Par-3 and Mini-Golf remain open from April 1st through October 29th.  The courses are free for all Town residents who present a B-Rec card. A nominal fee is charged for non-residents.  Mini-Golf is also available for private parties (for more information, call 908-4212).


Seven Bridges
(2.23 acres, 201 S. Grove Street)
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This park at the south end of town on Main Street has a gazebo as well as bench swings overlooking the river. Commemorative signs tell the story of some of Bridgewater’s history during the Civil War. The newest addition to this park is a boat/kayak ramp that allows easy access into the North River. 

Whitelow Park
(4.73 acres, 4155 Dry River Road)
Whitelow Park was dedicated on June 12, 2018, in honor of Carlyle Whitelow.  Whitelow Park features playground equipment, a swing set, a Gaga ball pit, and a paved walking trail.  

Wildwood Park
Wildwood Park John Wayland Elementary School Field Trip 5-31-2017 (39)(10 acres, 606 West Bank Street)
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Located on the western edge of town, along the North River, this park contains a sheltered picnic area (to reserve, call 908-4212), Downrush vista, a playground, swing set, numerous picnic tables throughout the park, restroom facilities, off-street parking, and several BBQ grills. It even has a hitching post for horses. A 0.3-mile path that meanders through the backside of the park has various markers that give interesting environmental facts concerning local plants and wildlife. Wildwood Park is a wonderful combination of open, sunny spaces as well as cool, shady areas.

Wynant Park
(0.83 Acres, 115 East College Street)wynant 1
One of Bridgewater’s smaller parks, this pocket park is nestled between a group of homes where Wynant Place meets East College Street. Although small, it has a swing set, hammock, a small playground, and a picnic table.






Additional Parks Located in Bridgewater:
Bridgewater Retirement Community's Crist Farm Walking Trails
(20 acres, 101 Bradford Way)
The Crist Farm Walking Trails are a set of 8' fully accessible paved and 6' gravel paths set on 20 acres of woods and meadowland.  It is fully owned and maintained by the Bridgewater Retirement Community but is open to the general public from dawn to dusk.