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Aging in Bridgewater


Bridgewater is home to people of all ages, and we aim to serve everyone well.  If you have seen more years than most of us, we celebrate your longevity; we respect your wisdom, and we want to be sure you know what is available to you.
  • Valley Program for Aging Services (800-868-8727) operates a wide array of services for older folks.  Here are a few:
    • VPAS Cafes.  A great way to share lunch and make friends all over the area.  (One cafe at Bridgewater Retirement Community meets on the xxx of each month, and you don't need to live at BRC to go.)  There's no charge but donations are accepted. 
    • Meals on Wheels. Nutritious meals delivered to your house.  Again, no charge, but if you can make a donation, it would be appreciated.
    • Travel.  Working with numerous other agencies, VPAS makes it easier to get around in the area.
    • Respite for Caregivers.  If you need constant care from a loved one, you'll be glad to know that VPAS can provide your caregiver with a respite from time to time.
  • Shufflecurl.  Beginning in December of 2022, we will offer a new game at Generations Park.  The game is "shufflecurl," and it is designed for all ages but targeted toward seniors who might like to get out on the ice while still standing on a carpet.  Type A's will love that we'll keep score and establish a leaderboard.  Type B's will just like hanging out with friends.  Unless you're a Type L, you will love shufflecurl.  (Too strong, eh?)