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School Zone Speed Enforcement

School Zone Speed Enforcement

Photo Enforcement photo

The school zone is on North Main Street in front of John Wayland Elementary School and Turner Ashby High School.  The school zone begins at the sign with flashing yellow lights marked 35mph.  There is also a second sign attached to this that reads “Photo Enforced.”  When approaching this zone from the north or the south, there will be a speed display sign showing how fast you are driving.  You will then pass by the camera, Lidar unit (which registers your speed), and an automated License Plate Reader (LPR).  When the yellow lights are flashing, the speed limit is 35mph.  The lights flash on weekdays from 7:30am-8:45am and from 2:45pm-4:00pm.  If you are going 46mph or faster in this zone during these times, you will receive a $100 ticket in the mail.  Tickets are only issued during these time frames and if school is in session that day.  There will be no photo speed enforcement when there is no school.

If you do receive a ticket, it is considered a civil penalty only.  It will not be submitted to the DMV, will not count as points against your driver’s license, and should not impact your auto insurance.  If you receive a ticket that you believe to be incorrect, there is an appeal process.  To pay the ticket, or to begin the appeal process, you must go to the payment link (see link below).