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Connection Fees

Connection Fees

To receive new Town water and/or sewer services, the property owner is responsible to pay the connection fees.  Paying the connection fees establishes the property owner's rights to connect to the town's water and/or sewer system.  The town will not install the service line(s) to the property until these fees are paid.  The connection fees for a typical residential connection are as follows:

  • $3,197 for a 3/4" water connection.

  • $8,316 for a 4" sewer connection.

The connection fees will increase as the service line size increases.  To receive the fee for different line sizes, please call the town at (540) 908-3397.

Additional Charges

In addition to the connection fees, the property owner is also responsible for paying the cost to the town for installing the service(s) to the property.  These costs consist of any labor, equipment, or material costs incurred by the town.  The amount of this cost varies depending on the situation of each circumstance.  The town will not set the water meter until these costs are paid.

Additional Costs

The property owner is also responsible for installing the service lines from the property line, where the town stops the service lines, to the building that will receive the water and/or sewer service.  Usually, this is performed by an independent contractor, licensed by the state to perform such tasks.  The property owner will hire the contractor of their choosing and make the arrangements to pay their fees.