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Most building and construction projects require some kind of permission from the town before the project can begin. The best way to find out which permits are required is to give the town some basic information about the project.  To assist with this, please fill out the Project Proposal document and give it to someone on the town staff.  Once this document is filled out and given to the town staff, the types of permits can be determined.     

The Zoning Ordinance contains most of the Town's requirements for building and construction projects.  This code section deals with, among other things, property use, floodplain requirements, off-street parking, and signs. Before the application of this code section can be determined though, the zoning district of the property must be looked-up.  The Zoning Map shows the zoning district of every property in the Town.  The zoning district establishes the rights of all properties in the Town.  

For all water and sewer projects, the Town's Water and Sewer Standards and Specifications must be used. 

For any question concerning building and construction within the Town, please call the zoning office at 540-908-4212.