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Zoning FAQ

How do I obtain a zoning permit for my project?
To obtain a zoning permit, please fill out the Project Proposal and email it to permits@bridgewater.town along with any additional information required as noted below.

How do I get a building permit for my project?
Rockingham County handles building permits for Bridgewater, but they require Town zoning approval beforehand.

Do I need a zoning permit for my project?

    1.  The erection, construction, enlargement, alteration, repair, or improvement of any Building or Structure, if such activities require a building permit under the Uniform Statewide Building Code. If the project involves extending the footprint of a structure or building a new structure, please submit a drawing of the lot, including
  • Any existing structures,
  • The proposed project,
  • Square footage of new construction, and
  • Distance from new construction to nearest property lines.
     2.  The installation of any Ground, Wall, or Roof Sign, other than Temporary Signs.

  • Wording to be placed on signage,
  • Square footage of signage,
  • Location of signage, and
  • Square footage and location of any existing signage on the property.
Click here for Bridgewater signage regulations.
    3.  The operation of a business in a fixed location (including Home Occupations).
  • Name and location of business,
  • Type of business (retail, professional office, restaurant, etc.)
  • Square footage of business space (ALL space- including storage, restrooms, kitchen, etc.)*, and
  • Drawing or picture showing parking lot and clearly stating number of dust-proof (9'x18') parking spaces.  See Title 17 Chapter 2 for parking lot landscaping requirements (Green Law).*
You must also obtain a Business License from our Treasurer's Office. Call 540-908-3399. Click here to learn more about Business Licenses and Taxation.
*The final two bullet points not required for Home Occupation applications.
    4.  The leasing of space to another Person for the operation of a business.
  • Proposed use (retail, professional office, restaurant, etc.)
  • Name and contact information for proposed business.
    5.  Erecting a fence in the front yard.
  • A drawing showing placement of fence, include easements (if known), and distance to property lines and public right of ways.
    6.  Erecting an accessory building or installing a generator.
  • A drawing showing placement of structure or generator, include easements (if known), distance to property lines, and distance to primary structure,
  • Square footage and Height of proposed accessory building, and
  • Whether or not the accessory building will have electric/plumbing.
See residential regulations for accessory buildings and generators in R-1(§ 6-512), R-2 (§ 6-612), and R-3 Districts(§ 6-712).
    7.  Any project in the Special Hazard Flood Area as defined in § 6-1424 (35).
  • Base Flood Elevation at the project site,
  • Flood-proofing techniques that will be employed, and
    • Any of the information in rows 1 or 2 that also applies to your project
See Bridgewater Floodplain Management for more information.

    8.  Replacement of water or sewer service line.

  • Materials used in existing pipes and connector joints  (couplings, angles, etc.).
  • Materials used in new pipes and connector joints.
Tracing wire must be laid and a final inspection is required before back-filling (call 540-908-4212).

How long will it take to process my proposal?
Allow 1-2 weeks for the Town Planner to review your proposal.
You may be contacted for additional information for your specific project.
You or your builder may also be required to obtain a business license from our Treasurer’s Office (540-908-3399).

How much does a zoning permit cost?
Zoning Permit: $20
For new construction and additions add $0.05 per square foot.
Please do not submit payment with project proposal.  If you project is approved, you will be contacted to sign documentation and pay fees.

Where can I find Zoning Regulations for Bridgewater?
Bridgewater's Zoning Regulations are right here!

What if I am planning a new build?

For all new builds, reference Bridgewater’s Development and Construction Manual.
Printed copies are available for purchase at the Bridgewater Community Center for $12.

How do I connect to the Town's water and sewer lines?
Water and Sewer Connections

Who do I contact if I still have questions?
For any question concerning building and construction within the Town, please request to speak to the Town Planner at 540-908-4212.